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How I Seduced My Best Friend's Mother - II

Supermarkets are not my favourite place. My mother had sent me off to a large Metro Mall near where we lived to get a few things. As I parked the car I spotted Rehana getting out of hers. She didn't look over to where I was so I decided to follow her. She was wearing a nice blue saree which looked good on her fair skin that ended just above her navel. Her legs looked nice but the best thing about this blouse was the way it showed off the shape of her big tits. It had no sleeves and her bare arms were stylish and attractive. She just looked smart and sexy and I wondered if she might have lost a little weight. I was planning on pinching her on the bum or something at the earliest opportunity but before I knew it she was off pushing a trolley down the aisles. I could hardly keep up and I was quite a distance away when she stopped and checked out a shelf.

Without looking round, she carried on without noticing me. I held my breath ready to say hello but I didn't get the chance and now I was following her oblivious to the other people in the supermarket. I even picked a few random items up as I followed her so as not to arouse suspicion. Rehana suddenly found what she was looking for in the toiletries section. She spent a moment browsing and then chose something and put it in her basket. I couldn't make out what it was so when she moved on and I got to the same shelf, I checked out the item on the shelf. It was condoms. "What the fuck did she want with those I thought?" I turned to see where Rehana was next.

She was in the same section but this time bending down not 10 feet from me but facing away. Her big ass in her saree looked fantastic. This was my chance to pinch it but the condoms had thrown me and I decided to hang back and see what was next. It was lubricating jelly. A bit like KY but the stores own brand version. "What the fuck!" again I thought. The next thing she chose really set me off. A pregnancy test kit. Oh my god. I followed her for the next 5 minutes. Always at a safe distance but it really didn't matter because she never looked round. She bought some whipped cream, some strawberries. Maybe she was going all out to turn Shahid on I thought. I kept following and we ended up at the start of the store in the fruit section. She was checking out the melons. She lightly touched a couple and then chose one. Holding it for a moment, I was able to compare it to her own natural melons that looked so good in her blue thin blouse. My cock was starting to swell. I had seen those tits of hers too many times not to remember how good they looked. I loved the way they bounced as I fucked her.

Rehana moved along the fruit section and stopped at the bananas. "Here we go" I thought to myself. She chose the biggest bunch she could find and pulled one off the bunch. Then without looking round to see who was watching, she opened her mouth and slowly brought the banana up to it in a very sexy and suggestive manner. She was giving a banana a blowjob in the middle of a busy supermarket. I was just dumb struck and routed to the spot until she burst out laughing and turned to face me. I had been caught red handed. I smiled and shook my head, walking up to her. No one had noticed her little show but she still blushed a little.

"Are you stalking me?" she asked.

"No," I said hoping she believed me. "How long had you known I was there?"

"Since you arrived you idiot. I followed you into the car park and couldn't resist," Rehana was open and friendly and I was enjoying our exchange.

"Unbelievable!" was all I could say. My cock was still a little hard and being right up next to her in that blue chiffon saree was turning me on. "It's a good job there are lots of people in here" I said.

"Why's that?" she asked all sweet and innocent.

"Because all I can think about right now is what I want to do to you." I replied.

"I'd say it's a shame there are people here then cause I've missed you doing things to me." Suddenly her voice had changed. She was a little more serious and even assertive in her tone.

Suddenly we stopped talking and stared at each other. I knew what was coming next and so did Rehana. We both left our trolleys and walked out of the supermarket together straight to where I had parked. All I could think about was her body underneath that saree. As soon as we got into the car I ran my hand up her leg. She held onto it as I stroked her inner thigh right up to her pussy. With my little finger I rubbed her and she opened her legs. We were in a supermarket car park in full daylight and anyone could have seen. I didn't care and slipped my fingers into her panty and then into her pussy. It was only a little wet but soon became even wetter. Rehana shuffled in the seat to allow me better access but it still wasn't enough. "Here, let me take them off," she said almost panting the words instead of speaking. She sounded as turned on as I was feeling and soon hurried the panties down around her ankles. Her feet struggled to kick them off so she gave up trying, grabbed my hand and returned it to her now naked pussy. The saree was pushed up her thighs just about covered Rehana's bush but her legs were on full view. My hand was lost in between and my fingers explored her soaking wet pussy.

"Drive!" she ordered. Rehana wanted to fuck. I had seen her like this before and it was the side to her I was most addicted to. I drove. Quickly thinking of a spot we could find that would be more private I drove round the car park searching for the exit. Then I had a brainwave. On the way out there was a petrol station, which also had a large automatic car wash. I drove over to the car wash and parked in front of it. As I got out of the car to go and buy a ticket Rehana asked, "Where are you going?" I told her to wait there and within two minutes I had bought a ticket and was back in the car. We drove into the wash and within seconds it started and the car was covered in soap. No one could see in and Rehana soon realised it. She went straight for my belt and trousers and soon had them round my knees. Then she climbed over me and lowered herself onto my cock. At first it missed but with a little guidance from my hand it was inside her and she was rocking on me in a frenzied passion.

She grabbed my head and pulled it to her big tits as she rode my cock. Her panties were still hanging off one of her shoes as she kept thrusting herself onto my cock. I lifted the blouse up so I could get to her tits. She was so consumed with passion, Rehana offered no resistance and was soon completely naked riding me in my car with only the soap from the car wash blocking out the view of the passing world. The noise of the washer drowned out her cries as she reached her orgasm with me sucking on her big fair soft tits. She stopped moving but I bucked beneath her as I needed to shoot my cum into her. She leaned back as far as the stearing wheel would let her and I fucked her slightly raised body. Her big tits bounced and I stroked them with my right hand. My left hand was under her ass to hold it steady as I fucked her until my moment came and I shot my cum into her. We didn't have long and Rehana quickly climbed off and struggled to put the blouse and the saree on. It's quite a sight seeing a married woman you have just fucked, trying to get dressed quickly in the car. The car wash had just about finished and I sensed my revenge for her little game in the store. She had still not got the blouse on right and was trying to get her arms into the right place when I drove out of the car wash into full view.

At least two lucky men who I drove passed got an eyeful of her tits in her blak lacy bra as she managed to pull the blouse down and straighten herself out. I was half watching the road and half looking at her naked body as she finally managed to cover her boobs with the blouse. She was cursing me but laughing at the sheer excitement at what had just happened. It was as if she didn't care. "I can't believe we just did that!" she shouted sounding both exhausted and exhilarated. She just slouched in the passenger seat as I drove back round the car park to her car. I parked next to her and we just sat there for a moment. There was cum on my trousers, her juices were all over me and the car probably smelled of sex. We sat looking out watching people go past without speaking. It was Rehana who broke the silence. She talked and I listened.

"I can't believe what I am becoming. I would never have dreamt of doing something like that. This is all so wrong but I can't help myself anymore. I just get to the point where I can't say "no" to you. Do you realise that?" I stayed silence. The truth was I hadn't asked her anything yet here she was saying she couldn't say "no". Women's logic has always been a mystery to me but who cares when the upside is what just happened in the car wash. Rehana put her panties back on, checked herself in the mirror and prepared to get out of the car. "You better go and do your shopping. Thanks for a memorable afternoon Vikas!"

I did go back into the supermarket despite the cum on my trousers, I still had to pick up the shopping for my mother. That night I was working when I got a text message on my phone. It said, "I can't believe what you did in the car wash". This would have been OK but the text wasn't from Rehana...
I didn't see Rehana for at least another two weeks. Her husband, Shahid, was taken ill and was rushed into hospital. He only stayed in hospital for one night and then they let him out. Rehana was a little busy looking after him. I only found all this out from Zeenat who I had called round to see (hoping to get my leg over) but she had company so we just chatted on the doorstep for a few minutes. She asked me to return the next day but when I did, she had gone out. All I got was a text the next day saying she was sorry she missed are little rendezvous. I was sorry too and by the end of that week I was a little sex starved to say the least.
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